Information Privacy Statement

All employees of Kaikai Kiki understand and agree to abide by the following policy regarding the handling of personal information.

1.Definition of Personal Information

Kaikai Kiki defines all information that can be used to classify an individual as personal information.

2.Objectives for Personal Information Collection / Restrictions of Use, Deletions and Corrections

Personal information will be collected only upon communication of the purpose of use and providing of a Kaikai Kiki contact person, and the information will be used only in the case when it is absolutely necessary. Personal Information will be used only to the extent agreed upon at the time of collection, and for no other uses. Kaikai Kiki will respect any wishes to correct or delete any personal information bestowed to Kaikai Kiki. Please fill out a form on our Contact Us page to request such changes/deletions.

3.Personal information Obtained Through Subcontracting

In the event that Kaikai Kiki obtains personal information through any subcontracting agreement that it accepts, Kaikai Kiki shall agree to all conditions included herein, as well as provisions for the return/deletion of personal information upon completion of contract.

4.Open Disclosure of Personal information

Kaikai Kiki will not disclose any personal information to third parties without the express permission of the provider. In the event that Kaikai Kiki subcontracts any services that necessitate the sharing of personal information, Kaikai Kiki shall agree, and require any third party to agree, to all conditions included herein, as well as provisions for the return/deletion of personal information upon completion of contract.

5.Security Measures

Kaikai Kiki shall implement various high-degree security measures, as well as upgrade systems when possible, to protect all collected personal information against illegal access, theft, threats, loss, and alteration. In addition, Kaikai Kiki shall enact privacy policies through staff training and work ethics to protect to all means possible the privacy of its customers.

6.The Continued Improvement and Compliance in all Policies Regarding Personal information

Kaikai will comply with all laws pertaining to the handling of personal information, and will regularly subject the various above policies to scrutiny and revision. In the case of legal inquiries from court, police, consumer center, or any other organizations bearing the legal status of the above, Kaikai Kiki will as required disclose its policies to the public.

The Access Log

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Questions or Concerns

It is very important to us that all users of this Website fully understand our policies on personal information. Please feel free to contact us via the link below with any questions and/or concerns regarding any of the policies and conditions above.

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